Same Hourly Rate for 5 Years!!
Amador Wine Driver
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How it works

• Hourly rate is per VEHICLE, not per person. 4 hour minimum

• We drive your vehicle

• You can customize the wineries to visit, we can assist with options including Amador Brewing and lunch options in the area.

Tour the Shenandoah Valley area that includes over 40 wineries to choose from as well as Amador Brewing company for beer lovers.


• All passengers must be 21 years of age.


• Verify your auto insurance includes the Omnibus Provision which allows a licensed driver to drive your vehicle.


• No alcohol or drugs will be consumed in the vehicle. Open bottles will be placed in trunk or cargo area.


• Payment Options are cash or credit cards.


• 24 hour cancellation fee of $100.

Amador Wine Driver

Jackson, CA 95642

Phone: (209) 256-9953

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